# Organic molecular dynamics and charge-carrier lifetime in lead iodide perovskite MAPbI3

# Closed form continuous-time neural networks

# The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight

# Constructing Artificial Collective Intelligence

Song Yonghua: The president of University of Macau

Mei Hong:

Swarm Intelligence (群體智能) 粘菌聚合 《烏合之眾》市場經濟 Science, Evidence for a collective intelligence factor in the Performance of Human Groups

  • 個體的平等對話(導師和學生之間的平等)

Science, 125, How did cooperative behavior evolve? 2021, How does group intelligence energe?

研究對象: 物理空間中低等生物的群體智能現象 主要問題: 較少關注現象規律的應用,原因

  • 群體智能的形成機制缺乏理解
  • 物理空間阻礙了人類群體智能的形成


智能放大效應 1+1 > 2 規模可擴展